Optional Extras

OPTION 1: £100.00 Attending your service rehearsal.
This is invaluable to ensuring correct placement of cameras and lighting during your actual church service.

OPTION 2: £100 Slideshow
We are now offering a Slideshow on DVD disc, of 100 natural images captured from video footage shot during the course of your wedding day. The images will be a selection of natural shots of you, your family and your friends. It may also contain interesting scenic views not shown elsewhere on your film. Each image will be processed and treated in image editing software before being transferred to the slideshow. Appropriate music will be added, either chosen by yourself or us, whichever you prefer. The service is included in our Package 4 as standard, but may be ordered as an extra with Packages 1, 2 & 3.

The Slideshow is presented in a standard DVD case. The insert is creatively designed from images taken from your wedding day by our own very talented graphic designer. Click here to see a short demo of the slideshow.

OPTION 3: Photo Album in Landscape or Large Format landscape.
                   £225.00 & £250.00 respectively.
This is a superb quality hard back book with extremely high quality heavy lustre finish pages. Images are extracted from your original High Definition footage, and then taken to Photoshop. They are then treated in various ways and cropped to suit each page layout in the book. The finished images are printed directly to the pages of the album, including the front and back hard back cover, giving a totally professional and high quality finish to the album. The book will contain approximately100 pages with up to 150 images, showing the story of your special day as it unfolded in still images. A wonderful addition to your DVD and photographer’s photo album, our new Photo Album will contain dozens of natural and candid shots of you and your guests. Also included will be your photoshoot containing many more traditional shots of you, family and friends.

Please visit our Photo Album page for more details.