Dance & Drama Shows

When you take into consideration the amount of individual time, effort and expense spent in producing your dance show or theatre production, it only makes logical sense that everyone concerned would like to see the rewards of their efforts after the performance. 

Using High Definition cameras, operated by highly skilled cameramen, we can capture these elusive moments on film and edit your show or production into an entertaining and informative film. We then author your finished edit to a very detailed DVD, which includes scene selections of each dance or change of scene should it be a Drama or Musical production. 

Being fully insured and highly skilled, you can rest assured that your production will be of the highest quality when viewed on your Widescreen TV. 

There are no advance charges involved and DVD’s are sold individually. The only condition we ask for, is that you organise the collection of monies paid and pay us on delivery of your required amount of DVD’s. 

This is in our experience the most cost effective way to proceed, as sending copies to individual addresses is seriously time consuming and expensive. Working in the manner described enables us to keep costs to a minimum.

Prices for Standard Definition DVD’s, presented in standard DVD cases with high quality printed inserts and Disc faces are £15.00 per copy. We use only branded top quality Single and Dual Layer discs in our production process. Occasionally we are asked for Blu-ray copies and these can also be supplied, without any problem, but at an extra cost. Prices for Blu-ray copies will vary depending on the amount required, as the amount of time involved producing Blu-ray is considerable. Also the cost of cases and discs are higher. However Blu-ray is available and prices can be discussed at time of interest. 

HDVC is a very professional company, offering a high level of service, competitive prices and customer satisfaction. Being an Associate Member of the Institute of Videography ensures that a strict code of practise is adhered to. 

Please contact us for availability and an informal chat regarding your requirements. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and offer advice, should you require it, regarding any issues relating to the filming of your production etc.